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Accsesories for Guns

Similar to the kinds of shooting equipment used in the West, certain equipment and accessories were necessary for shooting the Tanegashima. When going to the battlefield it was necessary to take along a helmet, body armor, swords, match cord and a cord container, a gunpowder flask, a small iron rod for disassembling the gun, an extra ramrod, and flint stone equipment, along with their special cases for quick loading tubes with charges. If musket balls were to be made, lead, a mold, and a lead scoop were needed.

Set of Powder Flask, a Primer Flask, and a Quick-Loading Tube (from the Honda family)
The character "HON" is displayed in the family crest.
Box for Powder Flasks
They have little drawers that contain tools and balls for the practice range. The two sizes of flasks indicate that the owner used two guns for practice.
Leather Gun Case and a Leather Chest Protector
The gun case is a set of two pieces - a top and a bottom section. The two gold-colored belts on the case identified the platoon to which it belonged.
Some Essential Tools
On the left is an iron wrench for removing the breech plug from a matchlock barrel. To its right is a bag for balls. In the center is an eggplant-shaped powder flask which has double caps; the outer cap holds a larger amount of powder than the inner cap, allowing this flask to be used with two different guns. The primer flask to its right is made of bone so thin that its powder contents can be seen readlily form the outside. At the extreme right is a roll of match cord made from bamboo fiber.

Shooting Equipment after the Matchlock Era

In the mid-19th century, during which period the Japanese tried to obtain modern weapons from Europe and America, some efforts to modernize were made by converting traditional Japanese firearms to more modern configurations. Example of Japanese efforts are as follows

Percussion Lock Gun (converted)
A matchlock gun converted to a percussion lock gun which has a fancy sling, an ammunition pouch, and a percussion cap container.
All these items have the same family crest.